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Funeral Formats

Choice of Funeral Formats

Chapel or Crematorium

During each service, it is common for Garry (as a Celebrant) to say a few words about the deceased, to open the ceremony.
Garry will then invite family and friends to read either poetry, prose or religious readings, or to provide a further eulogy. It is also common to play a selection of music to honour the departed.

The format usually follows:
Introduction and Music
Eulogy or biography
Prayer or reflection
DVD video presentation

Graveside Service

This is a service that involves the burial of a coffin, rather than a cremation. Often there will be a service undercover or indoors, followed by a graveside service. The graveside service is a more traditional method of saying good-bye, and can incorporate a variety of rituals, such as dove release or butterfly release.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is generally held when the deceased's body is not present. There are several reasons why this may be the case:

The body has been buried or cremated elsewhere
The body may not have been released by the Coroner
The body has not been recovered
The body has been donated to medical science

With regard to ceremonies for well-known people, it is common to hold two separate ceremonies. One for the family, and the other for the public and media.


A wake offers family members and friends a way to relieve tension after the funeral service. It involves an informal gathering of family, friends and associates, who mingle and chat about the deceased, whilst sharing their memories and emotions.
Light refreshments are often served during a wake, which further helps to ease tensions.

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